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OSSLT March 27th Information sheet March 27th Information sheet<p>​The <em>Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT)</em> will be administered on March 27, 2019 to all Grade 10 students and to students in Grades 11 and 12 who have not successfully completed the test.  All secondary students in Ontario must successfully complete the literacy requirement to earn an Ontario Secondary School Diploma.  </p><p> Simcoe County District School Board secondary schools will have an altered schedule on Wednesday March 27<sup>th</sup> to support students writing the OSSLT.</p><table class="ms-rteTable-default" width="100%" cellspacing="0"><tbody><tr class="ms-rteTableEvenRow-default"><td class="ms-rteTableEvenCol-default" style="width:50%;"><br><p> <span class="ms-rteFontFace-12 ms-rteThemeForeColor-5-0" style="font-size:25px;"><strong>Wednesday, March 27, 2019</strong></span></p></td><td class="ms-rteTableOddCol-default" style="width:50%;">​ <h1><span class="ms-rteFontFace-12 ms-rteThemeForeColor-5-0" style="font-size:25px;"><strong>Transportation</strong></span></h1></td></tr><tr class="ms-rteTableOddRow-default"><td class="ms-rteTableEvenCol-default" rowspan="1">​<span><p style="text-align:center;"><strong>8:00 am to 12:00 pm</strong></p><p style="text-align:center;"><strong>Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test</strong></p></span></td><td class="ms-rteTableOddCol-default" rowspan="1">​<span><span>For those students writing the test their transportation will remain the same.</span></span></td></tr><tr class="ms-rteTableEvenRow-default"><td class="ms-rteTableEvenCol-default"><span style="text-align:left;"><p><br></p><p>12:15 – 12:55        Period 4<br></p><p>12:55 - 1:35          Period 3<br></p><p>1:35 – 1:55           Period 1<br></p><p>1:55 – 2:15           Period 2<br></p><p> 2:15 – 2:35          Period 5<br></p></span></td><td class="ms-rteTableOddCol-default"><p></p><p>Students not writing the OSSLT will arrive later in the day to start their regular program.  An additional transportation pick-up has been arranged for these students.  All a.m. pick-up times are 4¼ hours later than regular pick-up times (e.g. <em>7:30 is changed to 11:45)</em>.</p></td></tr></tbody></table><p> </p><p><span style="text-decoration:underline;"><strong>AFTERNOON CLASSES </strong></span></p><p>Due to the nature of the shortened periods we will be offering <strong><em>no new curriculum on this day</em></strong>. This day will provide our students several options to attend their classes for supports in the form of extra help, clarification, completing outstanding work or working on previously assigned tasks. Students are expected to attend.</p><ul><li>All five classes will be available for your child to attend; however, if they need additional support in one course they may choose to spend the entire afternoon working with that teacher. For example, if they need clarification in science, they might spend the afternoon with their science teacher. The same would be true for any course.</li><li>A student may also choose to attend every class for the 25 minute periods.</li><li>Program focus for the afternoon will be:</li></ul><ul><li>Supporting completion of outstanding assignments</li><li>Providing extra help and clarification </li><li>Work space and for independent reading, projects, research and ISU work.</li></ul><p> </p><p style="text-align:center;"><strong>Transportation at the end of the day will operate as usual for all students.</strong></p><p><strong><em> Special Education Life Skills and Learning Centre programs </em></strong>– classes and programs are to continue as usual. </p><p><strong><em> Off-site Co-op programs </em></strong>– Students with a.m. co-operative education placements who are <strong>not </strong>writing the OSSLT are expected to attend their morning placements and access their regular a.m. transportation.</p><p> We believe that students, working with their teachers, parents/guardians and administrators, can be successful on the OSSLT.  Additional information and materials about the OSSLT are posted on the EQAO web site at <a href=""></a>.  If you have any further questions about the nature of the test, please call the school or call EQAO directly at 1-888-327-7377.</p>
ONLINE PARENT/GUARDIAN-TEACHER INTERVIEW SIGN UP LINK: PARENT/GUARDIAN-TEACHER INTERVIEW SIGN UP LINK:<p>​</p> <p class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-size:12pt;font-family:"times new roman", serif;">Parent/Guardian-Teacher Interview Night is</span></p><p class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-size:12pt;font-family:"times new roman", serif;">Thursday, March 28<sup>th</sup>, 2018 from 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.</span></p><p class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-size:12pt;font-family:"times new roman", serif;">Parent(s)/Guardian(s)<span style="color:#1f497d;">: </span> <a href=""><span style="color:blue;">CLICK HERE</span></a></span></p><p class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-size:12pt;font-family:"times new roman", serif;">to book appointments with teachers<span style="color:#1f497d;"> </span>(or use code c7jdz when using</span></p><p class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-size:12pt;font-family:"times new roman", serif;">If you have difficulty booking  online, please call the school for assistance.</span></p><p class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-size:12pt;font-family:"times new roman", serif;">See you there!</span></p>
Innisnews February 2019 February 2019<p>​Get the latest and greatest of what's happening at Innisdale Secondary!  <a href="/Documents/Feb%2015%202019.pdf">Feb 15 2019.pdf</a><br></p>
Grade 8 Parent's Night 8 Parent's Night<h2>​Grade 8 Parent’s Nights Success!</h2><p class="MsoNormal"><span style="color:#002060;"><br></span></p><p class="MsoNormal"><span style="color:#002060;">Please see the attached Powerpoint for info that was provided to new students and their parents<br></span></p><p class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-family:"arial",sans-serif;"></span></p><p class="MsoNormal"><span style="color:#002060;"><a href="/Documents/Parent%27s%20night%20Grade%208%20%20Powerpoint%202018.pptx">Grade 8 </a><a href="/Documents/Parent%27s%20night%20Grade%208%20%20Powerpoint%202018.pptx">Parent's Night Powerpoint</a><br></span></p>
Parents Night - Grade 12 - 2018 Powerpoint Night - Grade 12 - 2018 Powerpoint<p>​<a href="/PublishingImages/Lists/LocalNews/AllItems/PowerPoint%20Presentation.pdf"><img class="ms-asset-icon ms-rtePosition-4" src="/_layouts/15/images/icpdf.png" alt="" />PowerPoint Presentation.pdf</a><br></p>



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