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Future Invader Tour

Monday, August 30, 2021
Tuesday, July 6, 2021
Friday, September 3, 2021

Hello Future Invaders and Families,

We have reached the very exciting time of Back to School and for you, our grade 9 students, it is time for a new school.  At Innisdale, we are ready to welcome you with an Orientation Day on Wednesday, September 1.  Please check your student portal or timetable that you were given in grade 8 for your homeroom class.  Please note that the student username and password for the portal are the same from grade 8.  Then, check the schedule below for your orientation time at Innisdale.  If you cannot find your class, please call 705-726-2552 for assistance.

Homeroom ClassHomeroom ClassroomTime
GEO SCI2009:00am – 10:45am
ADA1011929:00am - 10:45am
AVI1O12549:00am - 10:45am
AVI1OU2509:00am - 10:45am
ENG1D12019:00am - 10:45am
FIF1DU2049:15am – 11:00am
FIF1DU/1PU2269:15am – 11:00am
HFN1012189:15am – 11:00am
MAT1LL1349:15am – 11:00am
MTH1W12389:15am – 11:00am
MTH1W12469:30am - 11:15am
PPL1OM108 (Gym)9:30am - 11:15am
SNC1P12329:30am - 11:15am
TIJ1OB1749:30am - 11:15am


Please do not arrive early and only enter the football field at your assigned time.  Look for your homeroom class sign on the football field as your location to meet.  Come prepared with a mask and to maintain a social distance from others.  Also, we recommend using the washroom before arrival and bringing a water bottle with you. 

Beginning Monday, August 30, on School Cash Online, you will also be able to purchase your lock for your locker and physical education t-shirt that you can pick up at orientation.  In addition, student activity cards and yearbooks can also be purchased on School Cash Online but will be delivered at a later date. 

Please organize your way to school and home at the scheduled time found in the chart.  Transportation will not be provided for this event.  Please note, this event will happen rain or shine.  We are looking forward to meeting all of our Future Invaders!

Grade 9 Orientation Letter.pdfGrade 9 orientation flyer 2021 pg 2.jpg

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