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Course Selection

Hello Future and Current Invaders – it's Course Selection Time!:)

Below please find instructions for course selections in the form of written "step by step", slideshow screenshots and a video, so that you can use whatever format best supports your learning style (current grade 12s please note your instructions are presented separately).  You will also find a number of other resources to support your research and selection.   All of this will be posted on the school website in the guidance section, as well as in your Google Classrooms. 

Google Classroom join codes – these are VERY important pieces of your high school experience – please make sure that you join now if you haven't already:

  • of34mqi – Class of 2023
  • ahwk2qi – Class of 2024 
  • 5gu3pgp – Class of 2025
  • fwcbbps – Class of 2026

If you need technical support with your course selections or you require more one-on-one support in making some difficult choices or in understanding course offerings, please reach out to your counsellor/SERT.

Ms. Anne Stueck, Lead (D-H)

Ms. Lisa Swain, Counsellor (O-S)

Ms. Susan Rhee-Schofield, Counsellor (A-C)

Mr. Mike Naccarato, Counsellor (I-N) -

Ms. Kerri Allen, Counsellor (T-Z) -

Ms. Karen McCutcheon, Special Education

Ms. Erin Andrews, Special Education

Ms. Katelyn Anderson, Special Education 

Mr. Ryan Van Schubert, Special Education

What we offer and what you'll need:

Course Selection "How To" Resources shared:


Pathways.jpgThank you in advance for your support of this new initiative, and for your patience should we have any bumps along the way.