March 8, 2023
Posted on 03/08/2023


Your last change to sign up for the Euclid math contest. Sign up through school cash online. The cost is $18 and you have until march the 8th(this Wednesday).

Invader Board Game Club

This announcement is for all board game enthusiasts! The Invader Board Game Club is starting today at lunch in room 124. If you enjoy boards games bring your lunch to room 124 today! I repeat, the Invader Board Gaming Club meets today, and every Wednesday in room 124 at lunch!


Today is International Women's Day. It is a global day to recognize and celebrate womens' and girls' social, economic, political, and cultural achievements. It also is a day of unit, reflection, advocacy, and action, to make greater progress towards achieving gender equality and the work that needs to be done. Let's celebrate this day. The Leadership class is leading a small initiative for students to recognize important role models in their life to honour this day. Come on down to Great Hall and participate.