(B) - Before School ~ (L) - Lunch Time ~ (A) - After School

ATHLETIC SOCIETY (L/A) - (Phys. Ed. Office) Students support athletics at I.S.S. by hosting elementary level basketball and volleyball tournaments, run buy-ins throughout the year and year-end Athletic Banquet.

BOOK CLUB (A) - (Rm. 201) Meets the second Monday of every month to discuss student-selected novels.

CHESS CLUB (A) - (Rm. 201) Students meet every Tuesday after school from 2:45 - 4:00. The first part of our meeting focuses on chess strategies and game-improving tips. In the second half of the meeting, we practice the techniques we learn and work to improve our game. Whether you are an experienced chess player or want to learn, members of all abilities are welcome.

CHRISTIAN CLUB (L) - This club seeks to develop Christian faith and leadership through Bible study and prayer. We meet every 1st and 3rd Wednesday during 3rd period lunch.

CLASSICS CLUB (A) - (Room 250) The Classics Club is the co-curricular extension of the Latin classes and we engage in a variety of activities ranging from social activities (our Hallowe'en Extravaganza, Saturnalia and Formal) to fundraising initiatives. We meet every Thursday at 2:50 p.m. in room 250 and welcome any students interested in the ancient world.

CULINARY CLUB (L/A) - (Rm. 120) Be a part of a team of students that manages catering events in our school community. Come meet new people, eat great food, serve your school community and earn community service hours.

DANCE CREW (A) - (Rm. 169) The Innisdale Dance Crew meets on Wednesdays from 2:45- 4:45pm. Dancers learn HIP HOP choreography created by another student. There are opportunities for small group choreography as well, but we focus on Hip Hop. There are NO AUDITIONS for Dance Crew, and NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED. Dancers perform at Dance Department Recitals and other school events. Each Spring, Dance Crew competes with other high schools in the area.

DANCE COMPANY (A) - (Rm. 169) The Innisdale Dance Company meets Tuesday and Thursday (2:45pm to 4pm). Dancers will choreograph and perform in a variety of different dance styles. Company auditions are held in early September and are open to all Innisdale students. Dance Company performs at a variety of school and community events, dance competitions and has travelled to New York City and Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

DEBATE TEAM (A) - (Library) For students who enjoy the competitive challenge of debating and want to improve their critical thinking and public speaking skills. Meetings consist of lessons on debate skills followed by a round of impromptu debate. Opportunities to compete in local and provincial tournaments.

DECA (A) - For students who are interested in meeting new people, travelling across North America and competing in Business case studies. We have travelled to Orlando Florida, Salt Lake City, Utah, and California. This club develops our future leaders!

DRAMA (A) - (Rm. 192) On the stage or back-stage, there is a place for you in yearly I.S.S. plays

ECO CLUB (A) - (Rm. 232) A club for those students who enjoy taking part in activities and initiatives revolving around environmental stewardship, biodiversity and sustainability. Students get involved in real life projects that help reduce ecological footprints within the school and community. Examples of projects include school ground greening, habitat enhancements, tree planting, Ontario Eco-Schools Certification, gardening, composting and waste minimization.

GENDER AND SEXUALITY ALLIANCE (A) - (Rm. 218) This group is open to all students. As well as offering a supportive group environment, we also plan events to make our school a more accepting community for all students, regardless of a person's gender identity, gender expression, assigned or chosen sex, or romantic or sexual orientation. We meet once a week.

IMPROV CLUB/IMPROV TEAM (A) (Rm. 192) Competitive improv that competes nationwide. This club meets twice a week.

LINK CREW (B,L,A) Link Crew is a club that allows senior students to mentor grade nines. Each Link Leader has a team of grade nines that they work with and support throughout their first year at Innisdale. It is a great experience to develop leadership and teamwork skills, and make a positive change in our school environment.

MARTIAL ARTS SELF-DEFENSE CLUB (A) - (Afterschool Backstage café Tuesdays/Thursdays) Learn self-defense along with a little strength, endurance, and flexibility training. All are welcome, no experience necessary.


Jr. Concert Band: Rehearsals occur once a week all year and is open to students in grades 9 & 10. No musical experience is necessary.

Sr. Concert Band: Rehearsals occur once a week all year and is open to experienced music students in grades 11 & 12.

Enrichment Band: Open to students in grades 7 & 8 who attend Innisdale's family of schools. Rehearsals begin in October.

Music Executive: Students interested in taking on a leadership role in the Music Department. They help to organize various music events throughout the year. Music Executive meets weekly all year.

Choir: Open to all students in grades 9 - 12 who love to sing. They rehearse weekly. No musical experience is necessary.

Show Band/Stage Band: Intermediate Stage0 Band: Students perform jazz, blues, and latin music. Open to students in grades 9&10.

Senior Stage Band: Students have the opportunity to perform jazz, blues, and latin music. Open to students in grades 11&12.

OELC LEADERSHIP CLUB (A) "This club meets the 3rd Monday of every month after school in the cafeteria. It is a place where students can get together to challenge their leadership skills with a diverse group of activities in a fun and social environment. Our goal is to spread positivity throughout Innisdale and help to make it an even more amazing school."

OUTBOUND (A) - (Rm. 232) Students will take part in a variety of activities throughout the year, such as fall hikes, winter camping, wall climbing, spring canoe trips and hikes etc. Individuals can choose which events to participate in.

ROLE-PLAYING (A) - (Rm. 221) The club invites members to expand their imaginations across the genres. The club meets once a week after school.

SEARS DRAMA FESTIVAL - (Rm. 192) The prime purpose of the Festival is to provide a showcase for participants to demonstrate their unique drama work. It brings together students, teachers, theatre professionals, and community members to view, discuss, critique and enjoy each other's creative efforts, under the guidance of experienced adjudicators.

SMASH BRO. CLUB (A) - Meets every Friday from 2:45 - 4:00 in the Library.

SOCIAL JUSTICE CLUB (A) - (Rm. 248) Participate in lively Coffee House events featuring musicians, poets, and other performers. Social Justice Club we discuss and raise awareness about social justice issues i.e. Indigenous, Black Lives Matter, environmental and human rights issues.

STEM CLUB (A) - meets Wednesdays after school in room 257 to explore projects and activities within the realms of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

STUDENT COUNCIL (A) - This student-body elected, student-run group seeks to enhance school spirit and cohesiveness by organizing a wide variety of events, assemblies, and other activities throughout the year. Independent members welcome too!

VISUAL ARTS - OPEN STUDIO (A) - On Tuesdays & Thursdays we have an open studio drop in program that is supervised by Arts teachers. The visual arts and media arts studios are open for all students who want to come in and work on their art projects or simply use an awesome space to create art.

YEARBOOK - Are you a creative artist or writer? Do you love photography? Then you have what it takes to become part of the dedicated group of students committed to producing Innisdale's award-winning yearbook.

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