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The Innisdale Library has a variety of materials for students to access, both for pleasure and academic reading. There is a well represented literature section as well as a deep genre-specific fiction section. The library is also starting to build a collection of "Global Language Books" to help newcomers to Canada and multi-language learners find comfort in their reading as well. This is accompanied by a variety of books and other research sources that will help students complete inquiry based assignments. All of these materials can be searched for and accessed by using the online library catalogue search tool (LS2 PAC). 


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 SORA Ebook Collection  

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Standalone Ebooks

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The Simcoe County District School Board has purchased a licence to circulate Ebooks through the SORA Ebook Collection. There are almost 7000 titles in the collection currently. These ebooks (digital text and audiobooks) can be borrowed by students right from the SORA website. They are also accessible through the online library catalogue search tool (LS2 PAC).

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Standalone Ebooks is a collection of high school appropriate novels in PDF format.


Jr. ISU Novel List

Sr. ISU Novel List

Social Justice Novels

Indigenous Novel List    

Dystopian Novel List

The library has created a series of novel lists to help students select appropriate reading materials for their English courses. The titles on these lists have been approved by teachers and are deemed eligible for ISU reading selection. Students may select novels outside of these lists but should seek teacher approval before beginning their reading. The library tries very hard to make all of these titles available but can't guarantee their availability at all times. Please search desired titles on the online library catalogue search tool to confirm availability. 

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