If you need technical support with your course selections or you require more one-on-one support in making some difficult choices or in understanding course offerings, please reach out to your counsellor/SERT.

Ms. Anne Stueck, Lead (A-H)  [email protected]

Ms. Lisa Swain, Counsellor (O-S)  [email protected] 

Mr. Mike Naccarato, Counsellor (I-N) - [email protected]

Ms. Kerri Allen, Counsellor (T-Z) - [email protected]

Ms. Karen McCutcheon, Special Education [email protected]

Ms. Erin Andrews, Special Education [email protected]

Ms. Katelyn Anderson, Special Education [email protected] 

Mr. Ryan Van Schubert, Special Education [email protected]

What we offer and what you'll need:

Course Selection "How To" Resources shared: