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Grade 11 is a pivotal year in choosing your senior math path. It can also be quite complicated in working through the options that are best for your current math abilities and goals. Please view the link below from the Ministry of Education outlining the requirements and recommendations to help with success in any math course you choose. These are valuable tools to help with success in Grade 11 math and other subjects as well.

Key learning for students taking Grade 11 courses |

Prepare for your next school year. These summer refresher resources and activities can help you practice the key concepts you learned last year so you can be more prepared for the courses you will take next year.

Our Mathematics Department is committed to helping students learn and understand math fundamentals. We strive to show students how math applies in our daily lives-and how fun math can be. An understanding of math can help students make sense of the world around them. It's a requirement for various post-secondary options.

At Innisdale, math teachers use innovative and relevant strategies to help engage students in their learning. We strive to meet the needs of the individual learner and helping them achieve their academic and post-secondary goals.

If you have any questions regarding math at Innisdale please contact:

Warren Westerhof - Department Chair


Patrick Davis - Assistant Department Chair