Social Sciences

Social Science and The Humanities

"The discipline of social sciences and humanities in the Ontario secondary school curriculum encompasses five subject areas: equity studies, family studies, general social sciences, philosophy, and world religions. Although these subject areas are very different from one another, they all systematically explore the ways in which individuals influence and are influenced by families, communities, cultures, institutions, and societies, and by ideas, norms, and values. The social sciences - represented in this curriculum by courses in equity studies, family studies, and general social sciences - explore individual and collective human behaviour and needs as well as patterns and trends in society. Courses in this area shed light on a variety of social structures, institutions, relationships, and power dynamics. The humanities - represented in the curriculum by courses in philosophy and world religions - explore fundamental questions and ideas about human nature and the human condition. In all five subject areas encompassed by the secondary program in social sciences and humanities, students are exposed to social theories, specialized concepts, and research findings, as well as a range of tools related to investigation and analysis, to help them understand themselves, their families, their communities, and society as they strive to find meaning in the world around them."


Your Social Sciences and Humanities Team:


Mr. Joe Lamaoureux
Curricullum Leader


 Ms. Alexander



Ms. Harmathy



Mr. Hathaway



Ms. Tebbutt



Mr. Torlee



Ms. Webb



Ms. Zaikos